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One of the more stressful situations that you may be unfortunately familiar with relates to a lack of money. Throughout the Fort Worth area, many people share your current dilemma from time to time. Some may have extra medical bills and reduced income because of a weeks-long illness. Others may have been in a car accident or had bad weather wreak havoc on their home. There are numerous things that can make your budget go haywire and empty your bank account of funds. When you are faced with this type of situation, you can take the same step that many residents throughout the community have taken. Through Fort Worth Title Lending, you can tap into the equity in your car by applying for an auto title loan.


You may think that just because you do not have cash in your bank account right now that you do not have assets to draw money from. However, if you have a car and have paid off the original car loan, your vehicle likely has equity in it. Our car title loans Fort Worth draw that equity out and turn it into the cold, hard cash that you urgently need. Once you learn more about our company and about our loan program, you may decide that this is a wonderful way to get yourself through this unpleasant money situation.

About Us

Fort Worth Title Lending is only one of several title lenders that you could apply for your loan with. However, there are a few things that make us your preferred option.

For example, we have a local office in Fort Worth, and our friendly team is available to provide you with live assistance during our normal business hours throughout the week.

Some other lenders have offices located several hours or more away.

It is not reasonable to expect live service from a title lender that is not located in town.

In addition, our entire lending team is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Regardless of what your concerns are or how many questions you have, rest assured that we will happily provide you with all of the time and attention that you need. Our goal is to help each of our Fort Worth area clients make smart decisions about how to handle their money, and this requires you to be fully informed about title loans before you apply.

One of the frustrating aspects of traditional loans is all that you need to bring to apply for them, as this often includes bank statements and old tax returns. That’s not the case with title loans Lewisville. When you come to Abbington Finance, we only need you to show us your ID and your car. We also need to grab your car title and keep that until you’ve gotten the loan repaid.

How it Works


The process for title loans Fort Worth is hassle-free. You have enough on your plate dealing with your current financial issues without having to feel stressed out by a long loan process. As soon as you sit down to begin completing our online application, you will see how truly easy we have made the entire loan process. Many of our applicants are able to fill out and submit the application within a few minutes.

Once you have submitted the application to us, we will immediately begin reviewing it. With our straightforward underwriting guidelines and our devotion to providing you with excellent service, rest assured that we will get back to you as soon as possible. In fact, we will typically contact you with your approval status within a day after we receive your completed application. If you have been approved, we can review your loan terms and final loan payment due date. Your acceptance of these terms will result in a wire being sent to your bank account. You will have several weeks to use the money for any purpose that you desire. Many of our applicants will use the loan funds to pay bills, but this is not required. You can go shopping, take a trip or enjoy other plans.

Your loan due date will typically be scheduled a few weeks after the loan is funded. With our title loans, you will repay the outstanding balance with a single payment. When we provide you with the due date for your loan, update your personal budget so that you can easily make the loan payment to us.

Fort Worth Title Lending is committed to helping you overcome this difficult financial period. With our fast and easy process for title loans Fort Worth, you could potentially have the money that you need as soon as tomorrow or the next day. Now is the ideal time to apply for a new auto title loan.


How to Apply

Apply for Title Loans Fort Worth


Many of our clients initially want to know how long the loan process is. After all, you need money immediately. If the loan process takes weeks, this may not be the right solution for you to pursue. The good news is that the entire loan process only takes a few days or less. This process begins when you submit the application to us, and it ends when you see money available in your bank account.


Now that you know more about our lending requirements, you may feel confident about your ability to qualify. The best way to know for certain if you can be approved for title loans Fort Worth is to spend a few minutes completing the application.

With our online application accessible to you around the clock, this is the most convenient option for many of our clients. Some of our clients prefer to stop by our local office to fill out the application in person.

The application is designed to only take a few minutes to complete. However, before you spend time filling out the fields, learn more about our lending requirements. First, in order to comply with lending regulations, all applicants need to be at least 18 years old.

Second, because we are using a car as collateral for the loan, the car needs to be titled in your personal name. Third, this car should have considerable equity in it. Remember that your loan amount will be a percentage of the equity available in your vehicle. You may think that we would have a credit score requirement, but we do not heavily review credit scores when making a decision about your loan approval status.